Why fill your home with store-bought furniture when you can get one-of-a-kind pieces from Woodpeckers Garage? There's something special about custom furniture-our beautiful, customized pieces add extra style to any room. We use only top-quality materials, so you can count on us to create pieces that will last. From tables and chairs to chests and cabinets, we're the crew that can create anything you need.

Speak with Hannibal, MO's premier custom furniture maker now to get started on creating unique items for your home.

3 great reasons to get custom furniture

There are so many benefits of investing in custom furniture created by a professional. When you work with a custom furniture maker, you get:

1.Products that are suited to your needs
2.Products made from the best materials
3.Products that will last for many years

Treat yourself to custom furniture for your home. Reach out today to discuss the items you would like to have custom-made.